Monday, October 6, 2008


I don't do much anymore, so I just have memories to write about.
I can remember watching my mom crochet for what seemed like hours at a time. That is how I learned, I think I was probably about eleven years old. I can also remember my Moms friend teaching her to crochet. I have three daughters and I taught all three of them to crochet, but they can't crochet with thread, only yarn. Myself, I don't like to crochet with yarn. I can't do much at all now because I have a shaky hand and my fingers are kind of stiff.

Lots of people don't use doilies any more, but I still like them. I can remember when I was a young woman, (lots of years ago) we starched the doilies and pinned them on a cardboard and let them dry, they would be real stiff. Now I just spray on a little starch and iron over them, I don't like them stiff anymore. Just wanted to show a few that I made. I'm new at this blog thing, so my things don't show up as I think they will. Maybe I can learn as I go along.
Well, here are a few pictures. (I love pictures)
This one is on the coffee table.
This one is on the sofa table. (as if you really care)
Sofa table.


Janet said...

Vera, I love your pictures. You are very talented, I wish I could do those. I especially like the bottom picture with my mom in the picture.

Shirley said...

Hey Vera, I think those doilies are just great. That is something that I always wanted to learn to do. It looks hard to me. I remember Aunt Leathea (sorry, I don't know how to spell her name)always had lots of doilies. I also remember that she had a large collection of cup and saucer sets and maybe a salt & pepper collection. Do you have those?

Granny Sue said...

These are lovely. You have quite a talent.