Friday, December 5, 2008

Decorations are few this year

I didn't get to do much decorating this year due to health problems. I love a big tree but just wasn't able to put one up, so I decorated this little one that a friend brought me. I guess it will have to do.
My graanddaughter will be using my tree and decorations.

This is a snowman I made last year.
This is a snowman lamp a friend gave me.

This is a snack set I picked up at a yard sale.

I hope this wasn't too boring.


Janet, said...

Vera, this is not boring. I love your snowmen, they are so cute. I like your little tree, too. I'm not sure if I'm putting up a big this year either.

Shirley said...

Hi Vera,
That was a nice post. Your tree is cute. I haven't had a tree in years. I just don't have room. But this year, I wanted to. I bought a small white tree. I will try to put a post on soon. I don't do much Christmas decorations. I think we should focus more on the real meaning of Christmas. I hate how the world leaves Jesus out of Christmas and commercializes the holiday.

Kelli said...

Your little tree is very sweet and so pretty! I also enjoyed seeing your jolly snowmen!

Ginger said...

Vera not boring at all enjoyed your blog very much & looking forward to seeing more.Lord bless you and your family.


Hi and thanks for visiting me. I think your tree is nice and I'm thinking a smaller one may be the way to go next year.
Merry Christmas,

Deborah Wilson said...

Vera (now I know your name),

I don't think it's boring at all. I'm going to be keeping it light this year too for a few reasons. #1, one son is in Texas and the other son is in Florida, so it will be only me. #2, I'm getting ready to move to the North Georgia mountains, I've already started packing, and I don't want a lot of things to pack up again after Christmas. I like the snowman and other things, it looks Christmas-y and warm...:)

I use to have a ceramic christmas tree that lit up - my Mom made it - I wish I still had it. Once, when I was moving, the box it was in was dropped. That was the end of the little tree.

Vera said...

I thank all you gals for stopping by, it gets lonely sometimes LOL. I am just figureing this thing out as I go.

Tipper said...

Love love the snowmen! I didn't decorate as much as usual this year either.